Wedding Etiquette Advice | Ask Ayesha

Nothing is more stressful in the wedding planning process than figuring out the "correct" way to handle the unexpected problems that arise. Thankfully Ayesha Oglesby helps us out by giving us advice in every issue of TriadWeddings Magazine

Recently, TriadWeddings teamed up with the fabulously engaged Katie O'Brien of 107.5KZL, and Ayesha has been chatting with them every other week or so, sharing even more fabulous advice for our readers! If you haven't had a chance to hear some of the scenarios they've shared, click through the links below to listen and read them all. 

Ayesha Oglesby, wedding planner and coordinator at The Lofts at Union Square, plus TriadWeddings etiquette expert.

About Ayesha

For over 14 years Ayesha Oglesby has been helping Triad brides plan their special day and has overseen over 700 weddings. Event manager for The Lofts at Union Square in High Point, Ayesha believes that every bride is special, every budget is workable, and every wedding is beautiful.


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