Wedding Tips from Coordinated Events

Wednesdays are typically affectionately known as #WeddingWednesday across the social-verse, which is used by vendors all over Instagram, Twitter and more. One of our favorite features on Wedding Wednesdays are the tips from Coordinated Events that come every week. They are spectacularly spot-on and and backed by the expertise of the brilliant planners behind the company. 

Here are a few favorites from the past few months that we simply had to share.

 The Ladies of Coordinated Events. Image by Mark Potter Photography.

The Ladies of Coordinated Events. Image by Mark Potter Photography.

EAT, EAT, EAT!!! Did you know that low blood sugar (caused from lack of eating) will cause you to feel sick, irritable, and tired? Why deny yourself the flurry of positive feelings and emotions that come with such a milestone event? Try designating one of your bridesmaids to ensure you keep something in your belly. ‪
Ladies...let’s talk SHOES! Sure...the higher the heel, the more of a show stopper...but also the greater the pain. Brides, consider having three pairs of shoes with you for your big day...heels for the “must have” photos, wedges for a little relief (and maybe dancing), and flats for when your feet beg for a break! ‪
If you’re having an outdoor wedding ALWAYS have a rain plan! Keep the possibility of rain in the back of your mind during your venue search. If you’re set on getting married outdoors, try looking for a venue that has an indoor option on the property as well. That way you have a backup option that won’t break the bank!
‪#‎WeddingsWednesday‬...Decide - ahead of time - whether you plan to UNPLUG your ceremony! I was blessed to be a guest at a wedding this past weekend and, as one who was seated in the back row, it was very hard to position myself to where I could see what was going on at the altar for the myriad of cell phones being held overhead by the guests sitting in the many rows ahead of me! ‪
How many times have you seen a bride tugging at her dress throughout her wedding day? Consider having your undergarments sewn into your wedding dress to alleviate the issue of constantly needing to readjust!
You may want to slather a little lotion on your hands before walking down the aisle. Oftentimes, especially in the heat, fingers swell up (nevermind the nerves) and that little bit of lotion may be the difference in your ring sliding on nicely or...not...sliding...on (at all).
It’s ‪#‎WeddingsWednesday‬...time for tips from ‪#‎CoordinatedEventsNC‬! First things first...we know how tempting it is to rush out and check venues as soon as you get engaged. However, the smartest thing to tackle FIRST is the guest list. It will help you narrow down the venues that will actually work well for the celebration you envision!
It’s ‪#‎WeddingsWednesday‬ and we want to share some wedding day tips with you. First off, appoint someone you trust as your “Designated Texter” for the day. There is no reason for you, as the bride, to need to do anything but relax and enjoy the friends and family that are surrounding and supporting you on this special day! ‪#‎CoordinatedEventsNC‬
At Coordinated Events, LLC, we are constantly challenging our brides on their decision to forgo a videographer. Many tell us that their budget doesn’t allow for the sizable fees associated with a quality professional. We urge you to consider hiring a reputable videographer to capture the raw footage...even if it means waiting until your first (or fifth) wedding anniversary to have them edit it all into a highlight or feature film. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving! ‪#‎WeddingsWednesday‬
Want to make sure no one else shares your special date? You probably won’t have to compete to find an available wedding venue if you avoid these peak times, which are the most popular for getting married in the United States. Starting with most popular, the times include:

- Saturday afternoon
- Saturday morning
- Friday evening
- Sunday afternoon

You might also want to keep in mind that late afternoon or early evening weddings are typically more expensive than weddings held earlier in the day.

For more brilliant tips and to put the planning into hands that you can rely on, contact the team at Coordinated Events!

Happy #weddingwednesday!