the SWEETEST part of planning for your special day

Choosing your wedding cake is likely to be one of your favorite parts of wedding planning, especially if you’ve given consideration to the design, the flavors, how many guests you’ll be sharing this sweet confection with, and your budget. 

Today's wedding cakes are more personal to the bride and groom, ranging from nontraditional, French influenced cakes to the ever popular rustic cakes incorporating burlap, texture and wood grain, to the classic, traditional cake designs that are making a big comeback. 

The theme, style and colors of your wedding are essential factors that will guide a bride and groom as you decide what you want your cake to look like. What style are you planning for your wedding day; contemporary, traditional, futuristic, vintage? 

Flavors vary and there are so many combinations that can be made with fillings and cake. Couples are always enthusiastic about sharing their special taste(s) with their guests. This is one of the first public debuts of your combination of tastes as a couple, and it is important that the reality of your ideas work. That is where hiring a professional pastry chef is so important. Anyone can bake a cake, but getting the tastes, the style and the look to meld together takes expertise. 

One of the things you’ll learn while planning for your wedding cake is how much time, talent and hard work goes into each and every cake, especially cakes that involve intricate designs. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a five-tier wedding cake draped in blush pink peonies and lace, but the reality is your budget won’t allow for it. A skilled pastry chef will be able to guide you in realistic ways to incorporate your vision that will also be fitting to your budget.

You’ll also want to consider the number of people you plan on having at your wedding. This number will determine how many servings will be needed, thus determining the cake size. And if you’re a traditionalist, remember that the top tier is off limits! You’ll want to save this tier to enjoy when you celebrate your 1st anniversary! Be sure to ask your pastry chef for tips on how to best preserve this portion of your cake. 

It’s always fun to see how couples choose their wedding cake, and just like the cake itself, the selection process is as unique as the couple. Some start with the flavor combination. Couples love to taste different combinations. Once they have picked their flavors, they then decide on the style and look of their special cake. 

Regardless of how you plan for your wedding cake, enjoy this sweetest part of planning for your special day!