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Most women imagine, dream about, and look forward to their weddings from the time they are little girls. It's true; your wedding day is your shot at living in a fairy tale for a night. However, the months, weeks, and even days leading up to a wedding can be some of the most stressful times of a bride's life. (Stress causes wrinkles, and those are no fun!) At TriadWeddings, we know things can get hectic. More often than not, there's large amounts of time, money, and energy invested in the process of piecing together your perfect day. So, we've brainstormed and drafted up some simple ways to use TriadWeddings to make the time leading up to your wedding blissfully less stressful!

Planning. Planning. Planning. 

Planning is the foundation of any good event. Planning ahead, and staying on top of those plans can make or break any situation. This is applicable to any situation in life! The important thing to remember is that it is okay to trust someone else with your special day. Experienced event and wedding planners, coordinators and organizers can alleviate stress and assist you in gathering everything that a flawless day encompasses. These vendors know how to make everything fall into place seemingly effortlessly- which can remove a huge amount of stress from the bride, groom, and their respective families. 

Susan Marie Cook, the co-founder of Coordinated Events and the Director of Sales for TriadWeddings, gave valuable insight in regard to the importance of using a planning service when organizing your wedding:


"There are few, if any, aspects of a wedding that run properly when left to amateurs. And, this is not the day to test the waters! Having planned weddings and events for over eight years at Coordinated Events, LLC, I have seen my fair share of “friends” volunteer their “talents” for a special event. I can assure you that NONE of them were seamless! Professionals not only have experience, they have business licenses, insurance, and all the right connections. Aunt Betty isn’t going to know who to call or what to do when the minister calls an hour before the ceremony and won’t be making it in time due to traffic. Your cousin’s best friend, who also happens to DJ every once in a while, isn’t going to be have all of the popular music ready to play as requests start rolling in. It’s also likely that cousin Daniel, who loves to cook, isn’t quite ready to cater an event like yours. Before you ask, YES, all of these things have actually happened. 

As a bride, it’s not your job to think of everything that COULD go wrong, it’s your responsibility to hire someone that knows what to do IF things go wrong! An event director/event planner will ensure that all options are weighed and details are decided ahead of time. Then, on the day of your event, he or she will be the one to keep things running smoothly and head off any impeding disasters. Don’t think of this as an added expense. Instead, understand that this is an investment in your event, one that will safeguard all of the other investments you’ve made into your one and only wedding day!”

Use trusted vendors. 

Vendors can make or break a wedding. Use trusted vendors with a good reputation. Seek out reviews on each vendor that you use. Head to our website for a collective list of trusted vendors at Make sure to check the reviews on the included listings! When vendors go above and beyond, it is definitely noticeable. Vendors should happily listen to concerns or special wishes you may have. After all, it is your day.

TW Tip: Don't be afraid to speak up and let your vendors know what you want. Good vendors expect you to voice your opinion. They will listen, and accommodate as they can. Being able to trust a vendor to complete their task in the way that makes you most happy can eliminate a lot of special day stress!

Attend Marry Me!

Marry Me, the Triad's Premier Wedding Planning Event, presented by TriadWeddings, is a fabulous way to get inspired and see what our passionate vendors have to offer! Quality bridal events definitely relieve stress by reminding you of the excitement behind wedding planning. It doesn't always have to be hectic- especially not when TriadWeddings is involved. Not only is Marry Me a great source for newlyweds that are wedding planning, but it's also fun!  Come get ideas and take a breather- from welcome bags and complimentary cocktails to the industries newest trends and big giveaways, you aren't going to want to miss out on this yearly event! 

 A photo of the co-producers of Marry Me! Photo Credit:  J. Darren Photography

A photo of the co-producers of Marry Me! Photo Credit: J. Darren Photography

This year's Marry Me was a huge success. Take a look at some of the photos from the big day....

Keep up with TriadWeddings for inspiration.

TriadWeddings offers several avenues for brides and grooms to draw inspiration from for their weddings. From our magazine, to the blogs, to our social media accounts, we are constantly updating the newest trends and styles for couples to easily access. However, it is important to remember that what is trending at the time may not be what works for or appeals to you. Be yourself and let your own personality shine throughout on your wedding day. While we are always excited about what's trending, we love showcasing unique and eclectic weddings that embody the personality of the couple. Don't concern yourself with themes or components that others want, use your own ideas! Fall in love with wedding colors that make you most happy, and let your own creativity run wild with our many sources of inspiration. 

Remember what the day is really about....

In the midst of the stress of planning a wedding, it can be difficult to step back and remember the reasoning behind the entire event. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, or "in over your head", take a step back, and remember what the entire day represents. Often when planning a wedding, thoughts of colors, cakes, flowers, music, food and centerpieces fly through your head. Rarely is there enough brain power to remember the wonderful person that will be waiting for you at the end of the aisle! Remember, in the end no matter how much planning goes into a wedding- the reason behind the day outshines any stress that may be caused.

 Photo Credit:  Vesic Photography

Photo Credit: Vesic Photography

Now take a deep breath and get ready to say "I Do!"