Rustic backyard wedding

Katie Castrovinci Gioello had always dreamed of having her wedding in her parents' backyard. Katie's dream was realized when she married Thomas Gioello. The wedding incorporated the landscape of Katie's father's backyard, and effortlessly blended the rustic, woodsy elements of the ceremony with a chic grey and yellow color scheme. We love this wedding's outdoorsy, yet classic feel. From chalk board signs and mixed-matched formal wear,  to suit cases for decor- this wedding subtly mixed elegant touches and earthy vibes. Take a look at this couple's special day. 

How did you and your Fiancee begin dating?

"The first time I saw Thomas, I was driving home from Mocksville, NC and passed one of the work trucks for Miller Building & Remodeling. This remodeling company is located in Advance, NC and is owned by a close friend of the family who has done great work on my parents' house since I was little. Most of the employees of this small company are familiar to my family as they are regulars to stopping by to fix odd jobs on my childhood home. As I was passing the truck, I noticed the unfamiliar face of the passenger as his co-worker, who has worked for the company for many years, was driving the truck back to the shop. Automatically noticing how young, and very cute I might add, the new employee of Miller was, I waved at both men as I passed by. Shortly after this brief encounter, my parents hired the company to start the process of their kitchen remodel. The project started at the end of 2009 and went into the early spring of 2010. It was after the start of the project that I encountered this certain employee who I had seen as a passenger a few months before working in the kitchen one day. I was on my way out the door to go to one of my college classes at Forsyth Technical Community College. As I walked through the work area, I noticed how much more attractive this guy was up close! He had dirty blonde hair and amazing blue eyes and was extremely polite- and oh those arms :) 
Starting to slow my pace in hopes that he would notice me, Thomas turned around as he was busy installing a piece on a window and a huge smile produced across his face. That's when he said, 'Hello!'"
"This is the part where Thomas and I disagree about this part of the story- at this moment is when I returned a very shy, "Hi" and then very quickly got my belongings and literally ran to my car and drove to class (Thomas thinks that I just ran away). Shortly after this next encounter, I found out from my spy (aka "older sister") that Thomas had previously asked my dad permission to call me and take me out on a date. Unfortunately, being the daughter of a New York native Italian, my father told Thomas no using the most common method of silent communication- placing his hands on the counter and shaking his head "no." It took me persuading my father to give this guy a chance, because I was convinced my next calling was life in a nunnery. Eventually, my dad gave Thomas my cell phone number, which was followed by a remark from my dad that involved having to go inside to clean a gun. Thomas called later that evening and our relationship started a few days later after we spent 5 hours conversing at the local Starbucks up the road from my now apartment."

How did you and your Fiancé get engaged?

"During Katie's 2nd year of teaching, Thomas drove down to Katie's apartment in Asheboro to celebrate his birthday on March 1st. They wanted to keep his birthday as simple as possible, giving each other time for dinner and having Thomas open his gift. As soon as Thomas walked into the door, Katie asked if he wanted to go ahead and open his birthday present. Thomas agreed, but convinced Katie that he wanted to film himself opening his gift because he wanted to send the video to his mom, who lives in Rhode Island. Katie didn't think anything of the request, so Thomas set up the camera. As soon as the filming started, Katie handed Thomas his gift, after which he opened it revealing a brand new Relic watch. After opening his gift, Thomas started fidgeting and getting nervous. He explained to Katie how important his relationship with her meant to him, while also getting distracted by petting Katie's cat and quickly rubbing his fingers through his hair. At this point is when Thomas got down on one knee and proposed to Katie."

Would you change anything about your wedding day? If so, what, and why?

"I would definitely try to not focus on the little details.  At the end, this day is about Thomas and me, and the details do not overshadow the main focus of any wedding."



Ceremony/Reception Location: Parents' back yard.

Wedding Planner and Coordinator: Toni Williams 

Photographer: Urban Bloom Photography

Videographer: Alisha Raquel Films 

Bridal Gown: English Bridal & Formal Wear

Invitations: Gifts and Paper on Plaza

Cake: Ketchie Creek Bakery

Catering: Simply Southern Cuisine 

Flowers: The Lil' Briar Patch

Hair Services: Irvin Roberts Salon & Day Spa 

Makeup Services: Irvin Roberts Salon & Day Spa

Music/Entertainment: Anything Music DJ's

Party Rentals: Hauser Rental Special Events

Transportation: Prestige Limo Service