Changing it up: Bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaids are arguably, one of the most important components of any wedding. Often, these women are closest to the bride, and provide support, love, and honor to the couple. 

Photo by: Aura Marzouk

Photo by: Human Graphics Photography

Bridesmaids also represent tradition. Dating back to Ancient Rome, ten women and ten men were positioned on either side of the bride and groom, first as witnesses to the ceremony, and second- to protect them from evil spirits throughout their journey together as one. In ancient Rome, bridesmaids and groomsmen wore the same attire as the bride and groom because it was believed to confuse said evil spirits. Though some weddings still acknowledge certain superstitions, this tradition has thankfully, died out. No longer do bridesmaids wear exactly what the bride does, in fact, that would be unheard of in our age.

Instead, bridesmaids have a special, yet challenging task. Bridesmaids are to accent the wedding- without overpowering or out-shining the bride. In the past, bridesmaids were all subjected to the same dress, same color, same necklines, and same hem. For many weddings, this uniformity works beautifully. However, a trend that we have noticed recently emerging is that of bridesmaids wearing different dresses. This includes small differences, such as necklines or shades of color. Sometimes it means the bridesmaids individually find dresses that they preferred within a certain color or style. These mixed dresses can be all the same or similar color, or only slightly different. However, even the most subtle differences seem to accent any wedding, regardless of the overall theme. 

We have pulled some photos from previous wedding submissions, and from our phenomenal vendors to showcase the ways in which mixed or different bridesmaids dresses add a flair to any wedding.

Subtle differences; alternating necklines.

Photo by: Ray of Hope Photography 

Something we love about the different necklines is the photo value. Keeping all of the dresses the same color maintains that element of traditional uniformity, while the different necklines call attention to each individual bridesmaid, allowing all women to stand out in photos. Additionally, different necklines allow each bride to customize their needs as far as their bust goes. Strapless may work for some bridesmaids, whereas it would be a hassle for others. The different necklines are not only practical, but fun.

Photo by: Aura Marzouk 

We love this photo from our vendor, Human Graphics Photography.  For brides that wish to keep the uniform look, but add a small flair of individuality- evenly alternating necklines (two one shouldered, two strapless, etc.) is a great way to go. 

Eye catching differences. 

When we featured the Pitillo wedding pictured above, one of our favorite elements was the bridesmaids dresses. The dresses have alternating necklines- some deep v, others one shouldered, and some strapless. We also loved that two darker shades of spearmint colored dresses complemented seven other lighter dresses. This ombré effect made for beautiful photos, and an eclectic theme. 

Photos by: J&A Photography

Sometimes, the maid of honor is seen in a different colored dress than the other bridesmaids. Again, even the most subtle of differences draws attention in photos, and adds balance to the overall look and feel of the ceremony. 

Photo by: Andrea Anderson Photography

Mixed dresses.

Some brides go "all-out" and allow bridesmaids to pick their own dress out- typically within a certain range of color. This makes each dress unique to the bridesmaid, but comes together to create a blended feel. The blend of styles adds whimsy and elegance to the ceremony, and completes the true purpose of the bridesmaid. With different dresses hand selected by the individual bridesmaid, everyone is happy; the bridesmaids are comfortable, beautiful, and they accent the beautiful bride. 

Photo by: Tina Marsh Photography

What will YOUR maids wear?

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