place cards vs. escort cards…what’s the difference?

Although the two are often confused to be the same thing, fact is, they are two separate entities. Place cards are usually used for more formal weddings, and are used to not only direct guests to their specific table, but also to their particular seat at the table. Escort cards, on the other hand, direct guests to their table, but attendees are free to select their own place at the table. Here are some ideas we love that could easily be used as both place cards or escort cards: 

Plant cards into flowering pots that coordinate with your wedding décor for a beautiful botanical seating chart. 

Forego the usual wine corks for seating charts and use the wine bottles to display guest names for each table. Incorporating your favorite flowers into these wine vases makes this presentation especially beautiful!

Hang leaves for a garden wedding seating chart. Magnolia leaves are especially beautiful due to their rich color and durable texture. 

Looking for a more whimsical idea for a seating chart? Put a table number on painted balloons and attach escort/place cards to the strings. 

Perfect for the nautical couple, share the seating chart on a collection of life preservers. 

Two for one! Greet your guests with a refreshing beverage that has a hanging escort/place card as they arrive at the reception.

Having a beach wedding? Write the names of your guests on paint brush handles with their table number, and give me something to brush the sand off their feet with after the ceremony! 

Welcoming guests at a small garden wedding with freshly picked fruit is a unique, and sweet, idea.

A classy take on Cupid’s bow and arrow, this bow and arrow seating chart is so creative, and perfect for a Bohemian inspired wedding. 

Will you be having place cards or escort cards at your wedding? Share your creative ideas with us! Email them to