Cameron & Andrew

Andrew and Cameron met while working at a restaurant in college, December 2010. Cameron was dating someone else at the time, but that didn’t keep Andrew from pursuing a relationship with her.

Andrew always made a point every time he came into work to come to the host stand and say hello and tell me that I was pretty (probably to get better tables). He would hang out with me while rolling silverware and always offer a helping hand. He quickly became one of my best friends, someone that I looked forward to seeing every shift, someone that I trusted and would look to for advice, whether that be in my current love life, school, or family.
Fast forward two and a half years later at Andrew’s birthday celebration, after spilling a beer on me, and a night out with friends, Andrew had a little bit of liquid encouragement. That’s when he said the ‘L’ word. He said, ‘Cameron, I love you’, I responded, ‘Oh yeah?’, he then said, ‘Yep!’, I said, ‘Well, I love you too’.

Andrew proposed while on their summer vacation to Chicago to see a Cubs series at Wrigley Field with his best man, Steve. Cameron’s best friend, Katie, lived in Chicago at the time and also met up with them. While posing for pictures in front of the Ron Santo statue, Andrew asked Cameron to marry him.

I was so shocked, I was laughing and shaking and couldn’t believe what just happened. Our best friends were there, capturing it all on camera. Except for Alex, Katie’s husband, he didn’t turn on the video function. Once Andrew stood up he embraced me in a hug and said, ‘Are you sure!?’ and I replied ‘Yes!!’. I hugged our friends and couldn’t believe that they all knew about it. Then, I said can we go sit down, I need a beer and to call my Daddy!

Simple elegance was the theme for Cameron and Andrew’s wedding and reception held at the beautiful Revolution Mill Events Center. They knew they wanted a sit-down dinner, catered by Pepper Moon Catering, yet also wanted their guests to have a good time and party with them. They had an open floor plan with the dance floor in the middle of the dinner tables, along with a photo booth to keep their guests moving around all night.

Our colors were navy with gold, blush, and burgundy accents. Navy is my favorite color and for the time of year, I didn’t want to go too bright or dark on my accent color because the weather is so up in the air in March. Revolution Mill is so beautiful in itself that I didn’t want a whole lot distracting from the brick, hardwoods, and natural lighting.
I remember when it was time to walk down the aisle, my dad and I made a grand entrance through the courtyard gates, the sun was shining and all I could focus on was my groom, until my veil and train got tangled in the bushes when a gust of wind came as my dad was fluffing my dress! I think our guests may have gotten a little nervous because we stood there for what felt like forever before we started down the aisle.
Once we made it down the aisle, all I could do was smile! Andrew was so handsome! I was so excited to be standing with my best friend, I couldn’t wait to tell him about my day and ask him about his. We wrote our own vows and I was so nervous that I wouldn’t make it through mine after hearing his. But, one of the reasons I love him so much is because he never fails to make me laugh. When it came time for the big kiss, he said we were going to make it count and dipped me!
One of the most unique elements from our wedding would be the Love Story presentation that Larry and his team at A&A Disc Jockey Service put together for us. It really engaged our guests and allowed them in on our relationship that they would not otherwise have known about. We still have our friends and family telling us how cool that part of our wedding was!
Our wedding day was magical! It was the most relaxing day and I truly felt like Cinderella!

CEREMONY/RECEPTION Revolution Mill Events Center

PHOTOGRAPHY Jon Eric Johnson Photography

GOWN Bridal Mart



INVITATIONS/FAVORS Mackenzie Ross Studios

CAKE Paige Zucchino

CATERING Pepper Moon Catering

FLOWERS Botanica Flowers & Gifts

OFFICIANT Reverend Gerald Donnelly



PARTY RENTALS Southern Event Rental


HONEYMOON/TRAVEL Dream Catcher Travel - Lindsey Mabe


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