Bekah & Jesse

Jesse and Bekah met online via an app called OkCupid. They spent four hours together the first day they met. Bekah knew she didn’t want to lose this fella the moment he asked if she knew the song ‘Cecilia and the Satellite’. It just happened to be one of her all-time favorite songs and little did she know at the time it would become their first dance song.

Jesse had been in contact with my best friend that lived in Colorado and he planned to propose a weekend that she would be in town. He got her in on it so she could photograph it, and made me think we were just taking pictures for fun! Well, my friend being goofy like she is, told me that I should I get down and ‘pretend to propose’ just for funny pictures sake, so I did. Then, I accidently played into it by saying, ‘If I have to make a fool of myself doing this, then Jesse should have to do it too!’. He playfully rolled his eyes and laughed and got down on one knee and said, ‘If I was going to fake propose, I would say...’ and went on this long spill of sweetness that ended with, ‘But this isn’t a fake proposal’. He pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. My heart stopped and it was the happiest (and most in shock!) I had ever been.

Bekah and Jesse married at the beautiful Oakhaven and incorporated a subtle fairy theme. Bekah loves fairies and all things sparkly. They also incorporated dinosaurs because that’s Jesse’s thing, and Lord of the Rings because they both love it.

We completely wrote our own vows, so never once did we say ‘I do’! We felt that personal vows from the heart meant more than being bound to tradition. Also, during our reception toasts, my sister wrote a spoken word/rap about our story and it was awesome. Nobody was expecting it!
Our wedding day was just as magical and fairy tale like as I always imagined and hoped it would be. There was no stress and I was as calm as can be all day. I just couldn’t believe that I was about to marry Prince Charming!

CEREMONY/RECEPTION Oakhaven Properties

PHOTOGRAPHY Audrey Ruth Photography 

GOWN Patina's



CAKE Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme

CATERING Wanda Overman

OFFICIANT Pastor Michael Davis

HAIR SERVICES Jessica Flanagan 

MAKEUP SERVICES Macy Minichello 

WEDDING COORDINATORS Angel Osborne & Courtney Shelton

VIDEOGRAPHY Josh Burchell & Chad Currin


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