Ask Ayesha: Wedding Gifts + Thank You Etiquette

Happy Monday! We're starting out another incredible week with some more wedding advice from the always fabulous Ayesha Oglesby. She's been chatting with the crew on 107.5kzl the past couple of Thursdays, and her advice has been so valuable!

Today, we're sharing Ayesha's advice on whether or not to bring fancy gifts to a second wedding or third wedding. 

Too busy to listen? Then, here's a quick synopsis for you!

Should you give gifts to someone if it's their second wedding? 

Technically speaking, gifts are never mandatory. Appreciated? Yes. Well-loved? Yes. Required? Ehhh, not so much. They are ultimately a voluntary gesture to show your support for their new life. Traditionally, we give gifts to help them set up a new home. However, in a second marriage, the likelihood of needing all of those things is probably not as high. 

The bride and groom do have the opportunity to set the tone of what they might want from their guests via their invitations or personal wedding website. Perhaps if you attended their first wedding and gave a large gift, you may choose to give a smaller gift this time. In the end, though, it really depends on your relationship with the couple. In a second marriage, a simple card may be sufficient. 

As a bride and groom, the best way to convey to your potential guests what you may be needing in your second wedding, is via a personal wedding website


How long do you have to get a gift for the couple?

Etiquette-wise, it is acceptable to provide a gift to the bride and groom within a year of their wedding. From a bride's standpoint, however, thank you cards should be written within two to three months. Future gifts received after the wedding should receive thank you cards within three weeks.


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