Ask Ayesha: Registries on Facebook + Bridal Showers

Hello Lovelies!! We hope you've been keeping up with our favorite wedding expert Ayesha Oglesby! She's been sharing some really great etiquette advice on 107.5 KZL the past few Thursdays and we're excited to share some of it with you!

This clip features Katie, Jared, and Jason's questions regarding registries and gifts, and Ayesha's fabulous advice on how to handle.

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Too busy to listen? Here's a recap:


Is it wrong for a bride or groom-to-be to post their wedding registries on Facebook? Is it begging for gifts?

Yeah, it's begging. :)

It's not really appropriate to share it with people who you may not be inviting to your wedding. Putting your registry on Facebook, and receiving a gift from someone who ends up not being invited may make them feel a little slighted.

One great way to share your registries as a bride is by posting your registries to your personal wedding website. This can then be shared with future guests via a link on your save-the-dates. In addition, anyone hosting showers for the happy couple can include their registries with the invites. 

If you're a guest attending a wedding, feel free to inquire with the bride about where she is registered, or contact the maid-of-honor/best man for information.


Is it poor etiquette to invite women to your bridal showers that are not invited to the wedding?

Yes. A bridal shower, typically thrown by family member or bridal party, should include the women you will be inviting to your wedding. It is in poor taste to invite women who will not be invited to the wedding as well.

As a fun side note for guys: bridal showers are NOT showers where women take showers together. In case you didn't know. :P


Would asking for "cash-only" be in poor taste?

This one all depends on how you say it. If you can find a politically correct way to request this tactfully, then by all means, do so via your wedding website. In this modern age, most guests are accustomed to providing cash over gifts anyway, so it is not completely off-putting to encourage that.

You can also create a honeymoon registry. This allows guests to pay money towards the honeymoon or excursions, instead of a wedding gift. This remains as a more indirect way to ask for money, without offending your guests.


Do you have any etiquette questions you've been dying to ask? Leave them in the comments below and we'll answer them in a future blog post. Happy Wedding Planning!


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