Ask Ayesha: Questions from Readers!

We really have our hearts set on an evening candlelight ceremony and reception but are concerned about the effect our mood lighting will have on our pictures. What do you think?


It is your day and you should have the mood you want! Go with your heart’s desire, but do your homework when selecting a photographer. This is one category in which I do not recommend that you cut corners. An experienced professional photographer will have no difficulty shooting your wedding in low lighting. A professional will also bring additional lighting if needed. When shopping for the right photographer make sure to ask to see samples of weddings they have shot in low-lighting situations. Remember that at the end of your big day what will remain are the pictures. Choose wisely.

I really want to get in shape for my wedding but I just don’t have any willpower. How can I make myself exercise?


I find that when I am unmotivated to do anything, especially working out, if I know that someone else’s time is also involved I tend to be more accountable. So, get your butt off the couch and find a workout buddy; someone who can provide encouragement, motivation and accountability. Your fiancé is a great first choice. If there is no one that is willing to commit to working out with you then hire a personal trainer; for that matter you could do both. A fitness professional will help you customize a personalized exercise plan that will realistically get you to your goal in the time you have. Get moving!

After months of searching I finally found the perfect place for my ceremony and reception. The problem is that they are not available on the same day. The ceremony location is available only on Friday and the reception location is available on Saturday or Sunday. What do you think about having my ceremony on one day and my reception on another?


I think that you could be disappointed in the turnout at your ceremony. Given a choice, I believe more people would show up for your reception than for your ceremony. Unless you are having a destination wedding or your wedding is going to be a weekend full of planned activities, I would stay with one day. If not, I think you should try to find a location(s) that will be available on the same day.

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For over 14 years Ayesha Oglesby has been helping Triad brides plan their special day and has overseen over 700 weddings. Event manager for The Lofts at Union Square in High Point, Ayesha believes that every bride is special, every budget is workable, and every wedding is beautiful.

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