Ask Ayesha: Firing Bridesmaids + An Announcement!

It's September!! That means we get to embrace cooler temps and enjoy pumpkin-spiced everything! Not only that, but fall wedding season has begun, and brides everywhere are either planning for next year, or preparing for their fall-inspired wedding days.

One of our favorite Fall brides, Katie of Jared and Katie in the Morning on 107.5 KZl, is in the final stages of planning what is certain to be an incredible October wedding. In true Katie fashion though, she's still hooking up other brides-to-be with fabulous etiquette advice from our resident expert, Ayesha Oglesby. Yesterday's segment gives us more advice on dealing with that friend turned bridesmaid turned enemy.

And be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear Katie's exciting announcement with TriadWeddings Magazine and how you can get involved!

Can't listen? Recap below.


How do you ask a bridesmaid who has completely changed (due to a factor in her life) to no longer be in your wedding party without making her angry?

When it comes to nightmare bridesmaids, it's a tough line to walk. If you truly want to salvage the friendship, then start with the kind words first: "I love you, I really want you in my life. I asked you to be in my wedding because you're a close friend. But right now with [insert reason for potential change and/or craziness], I really want to be able to support you in that, so maybe it would be better if you come to the wedding as a guest instead of a bridesmaid.

Most importantly, do it from a space of integrity and maturity. Don't stoop to her level and become catty or mean. Simply try to put her first and consider the potential that she may be going through a stage in her life that has changed her.


Do you have any etiquette questions you've been dying to ask? Leave them in the comments below and we'll answer them in a future blog post. Happy Wedding Planning!

  Ayesha Oglesby of Lofts at Union Square. Expert wedding advice giver for TriadWeddings.

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