Ask Ayesha: Dealing With Awkward Gifts

I recently had my bridal shower and my grandmother, who is a sweetheart, gave me a guest book. She made a big deal about how she can’t wait to see it used at the wedding. Here’s the rub... my fiance and I had already decided on an alternative to a guest book. We are going to have a ceramic platter that each guest will sign and write their well wishes on. I’m concerned that if I put out both the guest book and the platter, it will be redundant. But if I don’t put the guest book out my Granny will feel slighted. What should I do?

Clearly you really love and respect your grandmother to be concerned about how to handle this. Because the book was given to you by your “Granny,” and she has openly said how she is looking forward to seeing it used you should try to figure out a way to use it. Consider using the guest book for the ceremony only and then at the reception have the ceramic platter for guests to sign throughout the function. This way you have validated your grandmother’s wishes and you still will have your beautiful keepsake. In the grand scheme of things having your guests sign two different things it not a big deal; they will think you planned it all along.


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 Ayesha Oglesby, etiquette giver and wedding coordinator at The Lofts at Union Square.

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