A Nearlywed Story: Jordan + Lincoln

How They Met

Jordan spent her entire life in Yadkin County. She grew up there, she attended Catawba College right in Salisbury, played volleyball there. Even met the love of her life there. 

It was her junior year of college when she met Lincoln, a lacrosse player who immediately fell for her. He begged her to go out on dates from the very day they met, but Jordan denied her interest, absolutely determined to focus on her volleyball and upcoming graduation.

Which she did. It wasn't until after graduation, when one of her best friends Anna decided to play some matchmaking. After a few well-placed lies, she convinced Jordan to go to a formal with Lincoln. Anna had Lincoln convinced that Jordan really wanted to go with him, and when he asked, Anna pulled the best friend card and begged her to go, just so Anna wouldn't be alone. Being the good friend that Jordan was... she agreed (even though she tried to back out all the way up to the actual formal!)

But as luck would have it, Jordan had an amazing time with Lincoln - it was the perfect spark to finally ignite their relationship. They met together for breakfast the following morning, and sat at a table for six hours talking about anything and everything. And it was on that day that Lincoln made his intentions more than clear - he was going to marry her. She may have laughed him off that day, but on June 6th, 2015, Lincoln plans to make that promise a reality as he marries his best friend at Old Salem.  

Congratulations Lincoln and Jordan! 


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Congratulations to all you nearly-weds and happy wedding planning!