A Nearly-Wed Story: Katherine and Trent

Do you know what today is? It's the 7th, which means we are only TWO WEEKS until Marry Me! We are jumping up and down with excitement as the date draws ever closer because we KNOW how much fun we're going to have with all of you nearly-weds!

Speaking of which, we asked, you've answered, and we are swimming in our own happy tears after reading so many of the proposal stories you've been sending in. Some of you men have been raising the bar of romance and we're quite impressed. 

Today, we share Katherine and Trent's proposal story. The word on the street regarding this proposal? It always causes "cute clapping and aww's." It worked on  us - will it work on you?

I am in my third year at the University of North Georgia, and am a theatre major. My fiancé at the time was not in school, but now attends with me for the same degree.

Over the summer my school planned a trip to New York for a week at an incredible hotel and had very few things planned for us as a group, leaving us ample time to do whatever we wanted.

After many incredibly fun days, my fiancé Trent and I decided to bike Central Park, (not knowing it would take 2 hours..ugh...) and rented some bikes cheap from some guys. I had told him when we first dated that I loved Central Park and it’s statues and fountains. He made sure we stopped and took pictures of as many things there as possible.

When we were roughly halfway through, we came to my most favorite place [which] I had always wanted to see in person, the Bethesda Fountain. We watched some street performers and parked our bikes at the bottom level next to the fountain and he handed me a coin to make a wish on together and throw over my shoulder. When I came back from watching it land, there he was... on his knee and holding a box with the most beautiful opal and ruby ring I had ever seen.

Everyone around was watching and awwing and clapping. One random woman passing by snapped a picture of the moment I said yes.
Apparently, every day while we were there he had the ring in his pocket, unbeknownst to me, but was too afraid several times, and wanted it to be perfect.

It was incredible and magical and everything a girl could ever ask for. He’s one special kind of man that’s incredibly hard to find.
— Katherine

Admit it: you awww'd, didn't you. And to put the cherry on top of this concoction of sweetness, Katherine signed her email to us with, "the happiest and luckiest woman in the world."

I know, right?! Adorable!

We still want to hear YOUR stories! We've got a handful of tickets to Marry Me (the Triad's Premier Wedding Planning Event!) that we're giving away to some of our most romantic entries! To submit your proposal story, email us your engagement story at 100 words or less, along with at least one photo celebrating your engagement. Entries can be sent to editor@triadweddings.com. 

Congratulations to all you nearly-weds and happy wedding planning!