Amy & Kevin

Kevin and Amy met online. It was her last week of service and Kevin was just starting his. Amy was about to give up on the online dating scene and then saw Kevin’s profile. She decided to reach out and they started talking pretty consistently; about camping, hiking, their dogs, and their love for the outdoors. When Amy told Kevin her subscription was about to end, they decided to go ahead and meet up for coffee.

I wasn’t sure what to think of Kevin at first. He was a nice guy, but definitely quirky! The more I got to know him, the more alike I realized we were. We balanced each other out in all the perfect ways. It wasn’t until our first camping trip together that I really completely fell for him!

Kevin set up a geocaching adventure for the two of them at Grayson Highlands State Park, where they had had their third date. They had camped and hiked there several times on different occasions, so it wasn't out of the norm. Amy ended up finding the geocache and inside the container was a picture and note asking her to marry him!

Our wedding day was incredible and more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for! I had originally wanted a destination wedding, so planning was different than I had anticipated. I was nervous on how everything was going to come together, but it all came together beautifully. The day went by quickly, but one of our guests told us to take ‘snapshots’ in our minds of moments throughout the night. I vividly remember the feelings from each part of the day, from getting ready, to saying our vows, and dancing the night away!
Our wedding had a garden theme. It went naturally with our venue, Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden, and Kevin’s landscaping profession. When we went to tour the venue, Kevin was giddy over all the plant varieties and I loved the natural beauty! It was then easy to go with birdcage centerpieces, seed packet seating cards, and other natural and floral decor because of all that the botanical garden already offered!
Our wedding colors were eggplant, sage green, and peach. My mom’s favorite color is purple and so naturally it became mine as well. I am a High Point University graduate, which ingrained purple into my life even further. The sage green and peach came as lighter colored accents with the garden theme wedding.
The table numbers were the most unique element of the day! I had taken pictures from mine and Kevin’s childhood at different ages and put them with the correlating table numbers. So, table 10 had a picture of Kevin at 10 and me at 10. Even though we were living states apart at that point in our lives, it was neat to see us grow up together and have similar interests even miles and world apart!
I would not have changed a thing about our wedding day! I was satisfied and thrilled with how the day went!

CEREMONY/RECEPTION Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden

PHOTOGRAPHY Leon Borders Photography

GOWN Downtown Bridal



INVITATIONS Bridesmaid's Custom Artwork

CAKE Easy Peasy Decadent Desserts

CATERING Above and Beyond Catering

FLOWERS Stella Floral Designs

OFFICIANT Giorgio Hiatt

HAIR/MAKEUP SERVICES Carla White Hair and Makeup


PARTY RENTALS Party Reflections

VIDEOGRAPHY Scarlette Fox Films

SEWING/ALTERATIONS Nabib's Alterations

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Congratulations to these NearlyWeds!

Alex & Tyler

Tyler surprised me by moving up my birthday celebration a day early. He surprised me at home with a glass of wine and told me he was going to get my birthday present…and came back with a ring! He had just picked up the ring less than an hour before and couldn’t wait any longer!

I was SO surprised! Although I have dreamed of this day for the last 7 years of our relationship, I was convinced he wasn’t going to pop the question until after he graduated PT school this coming December.

I immediately facetimed my mom and dad who live in Virginia! They were currently out driving doing errands at the time. My mom was just as convinced that it wasn’t going to happen until at least 2018 so when I held up my left hand, she screamed so loud my dad almost ran off the road!

Photos by Xan Craven of Xan's Eye Photography

Madison & Rob

We were at my parents’ house for Christmas along with my family. After we took a family group picture, he pulled me to the front and asked me to marry him. He had broken his femur two months before that, but still got down on one knee. 

I knew the proposal was coming, but didn’t know when or where it would happen. I wasn’t expecting him to ask in front of my whole family. My best friends were the next to get the news.

Marguerite & Christopher

We got engaged on a carnival cruise ship in the middle of the ocean in the Grand Cayman Islands. Chris had apparently been planning to ask me on the beach in Grand Cayman in front of all of his immediate family. We had signed up for a different excursion than them, (swimming with dolphins)…one thing on my bucket list! All day he was wanting to leave our excursion and go to the beach his parents were on. I didn’t understand why and kept saying let’s enjoy our day just the two of us on the beach we already paid for. I could tell everyone was annoyed with me but couldn’t figure out why! We then got back on the ship and were getting ready for one more family photo all dressed up. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but as we were getting ready Chris kept going back to his parents’ room for ‘indigestion medication’. Really, he was trying to figure out how to ask me since I ruined his beach propose! Well, it was our turn to take a couple picture. The photographer had me put my hand on Chris’s chest and his heart was beating a million times a minute! He was so incredibly nervous. The photographer wanted us to turn and pose with Chris’s hands wrapped around me and Chris got down on one knee. With the first tears I’ve ever seen in his eyes, he said, ‘Will you marry me?’ It was such a raw beautiful moment I will never forget it!

Sami & Alex

He asked me at the end of our military/family photo shoot that we were doing before he shipped out for basic training. I was shocked! I was not expecting it even a little. 

Other than your spouse-to-be, who was the first person you shared your exciting “We’re Engaged!” news with and why were they the first?: My mother, Paula, was the first person I shared the news with, as she is my go to person and both of us agree she is top of the list for all major news.

Brittany & Matthew

Matt popped the question in our hotel room after a night out in Nashville. He waited for me to go to the bathroom to ‘set the scene’ and when I walked out he had the song ‘HOLY’ by Florida Georgia Line playing. He always said that song reminded him of me and that’s when he asked.
When I walked out of the bathroom, I was oblivious to what was going on. Then, when he looked at me, I knew and I was so in shock. The first person I shared the news with was my mother. She’s always been my ‘go-to’ and best friend and was the first person to pop in my mind after it happened.

Photos by J&A Photography

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Hannah & Jonathan

Hannah and Jonathan met in the tenth grade, when he moved back to Greensboro and started going to her high school. They became close friends and actually dated each other’s best friends throughout high school. Those relationships ended and Hannah and Jonathan remained close through college. It wasn’t until their senior year of college that Jonathan decided he wanted to be more than friends and finally asked Hannah out on a date.

Our engagement was perfect. It was supposed to just be a date night. Jonathan picked me up at the door, hot cider in hand. (Way better than flowers in my book!) We began to head to ‘dinner’ or so I thought. Next thing I know, we are veering off into his old neighborhood, the one where my favorite park is over by Hamilton Lakes. We pull into the gravel lot next to the park and he starts to get out. No explanation. I follow right behind him. It’s dark and freezing so I’m wondering why in the world we are making this detour. Then I see it, hundreds of candles lighting the pathway down by the lake, where he has built a teepee…the kind you see on Pinterest. With candle lights strung up the poles, and blankets with lanterns inside. Up in the tree, there is a huge sheet also draped with Christmas lights that is being used as a screen for the slideshow he has projected onto it. We climb into the teepee and watch the slideshow of pictures of the two of us from our tenth-grade beach trip together as just friends, all the way up to our sweet date night pictures. After the slideshow he begins to read to me out of a devotional he had with him. He read me a passage on marriage and what it should look like. Then, from behind the tent came his big pup, Murphy, with a sign around his neck that says, “Will you marry my brother?” Jonathan got down on one knee, told me he loved me, and asked me to be his bride.
TriadWeddings Magazine has especially been an inspiration to me throughout the whole process of planning a wedding. I am a designer, so I love looking through magazines that inspire or spark creativity. TriadWeddings did just that for me throughout this season. My bouquet was actually inspired by one of the bride’s bouquets that I saw on the cover of one of the recent issues. My mom and I also attended the Marry Me event, and it was of huge help to us. We loved getting to visit each vendors’ booths, taste samples, look into honeymoon options, dresses, cakes, and more.

Hannah and Jonathan had their ceremony at First Friends Meeting Church, with their reception following at The Public. They didn’t have a set theme, but knew they wanted an intimate, traditional feel incorporating neutral colors of blush, gray and blue.

I had seven bridesmaids, and a sweet flower girl, who is Jonathan’s cousin. She is 22, she has Down’s Syndrome and was the absolute sweetest flower girl there has ever been! My bridesmaids were my sisters, friends from college and high school, and friends from post college. Jonathan had 11 groomsmen! He couldn’t choose, so he didn’t! We didn’t really care that our numbers weren’t perfectly matched up. It was about who has walked alongside us through our lives and that’s who we wanted there.
One of the worship songs we did was probably one of the most unique parts of our wedding. It was called ‘But for you who fear my name’. We asked some friends of ours, Bennett and Hannah Dixon, to play it. Bennett was on the banjo, Hannah played the guitar, and they both sang. Another groomsman played a little Djembe drum. At the very end of the song, they all started whistling to the tune of the hymn. It was the most unique and beautiful worship song, with the backdrop of this simple, elegant church with light pouring through the windows. It was magical.
We can’t say enough good things about Lee Comer and her team at The Public. Being the first wedding reception in that space, we were not quite sure what to expect, but they absolutely exceeded our expectations. We spent time walking through the floor plan and table placements to ensure that the traffic flow with 250 guests would not get too crowded during the reception. And their event coordinator put together a great floor plan, mapping out every detail, even adding in a second bar area to accommodate our large number of guests.
Our wedding day was wonderful. We wanted Christ as the center, we wanted to be surrounded by friends and family. We wanted delicious food, and we wanted everyone to dance. And, I think we did just that. It was a gorgeous day, a little chilly. But, the light pouring in the church was surreal. We felt so loved by friends and family.

CEREMONY First Friends Meeting Church



GOWN Divas Boutique and Bridal

BRIDEMAIDS’ DRESSES assortment, BHLDN, Nordstroms, etc.

GROOM’S FORMALWEAR Custom suit design by Lewis & Harris


INVITATIONS Bride and Groom's design

CAKE The Baker and the Bean

CATERING Fresh.Local.Good. food group

PARTY RENTALS Carolina Event Rentals

FLOWERS Everything except for the centerpieces and bridesmaids’ bouquets were from Jordan House. Everything else was done by Noel Morris 

OFFICIANT Alan Hawkins

HAIR Dawn from Blueprint The Salon

MAKEUP Hilary from Blueprint The Salon


WEDDING PLANNER Mother of the Bride


MUSIC DJ Greg Camacho



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A Nearlywed Story: Jordan + Lincoln

How They Met

Jordan spent her entire life in Yadkin County. She grew up there, she attended Catawba College right in Salisbury, played volleyball there. Even met the love of her life there. 

It was her junior year of college when she met Lincoln, a lacrosse player who immediately fell for her. He begged her to go out on dates from the very day they met, but Jordan denied her interest, absolutely determined to focus on her volleyball and upcoming graduation.

Which she did. It wasn't until after graduation, when one of her best friends Anna decided to play some matchmaking. After a few well-placed lies, she convinced Jordan to go to a formal with Lincoln. Anna had Lincoln convinced that Jordan really wanted to go with him, and when he asked, Anna pulled the best friend card and begged her to go, just so Anna wouldn't be alone. Being the good friend that Jordan was... she agreed (even though she tried to back out all the way up to the actual formal!)

But as luck would have it, Jordan had an amazing time with Lincoln - it was the perfect spark to finally ignite their relationship. They met together for breakfast the following morning, and sat at a table for six hours talking about anything and everything. And it was on that day that Lincoln made his intentions more than clear - he was going to marry her. She may have laughed him off that day, but on June 6th, 2015, Lincoln plans to make that promise a reality as he marries his best friend at Old Salem.  

Congratulations Lincoln and Jordan! 


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Congratulations to all you nearly-weds and happy wedding planning!