Katelyn & Alex

Alex and Katelyn met on eHarmony. After a few weeks of getting to know each other, they met for coffee on their first date.

It was definitely ‘this is something special’ at first sight. We both realized right away that we had never met someone like this and felt a great possibility for the future.
Alex did such an incredible job surprising me when he proposed! We were having coffee at the shop where we first met on our six-month anniversary. Before heading to dinner, he took me up to the rooftop of the building next door and there were rose petals all over the roof and in the pool. He even had a secret photographer capture the whole proposal. If that wasn’t enough, after he proposed we continued to our dinner reservation only to find a room full of my family and closest friends. He had everyone come together and catered the perfect engagement party for us. We even have a priceless video of me walking in completed shocked and overwhelmed with emotion!
I found TriadWeddings Magazine so helpful in searching out possible wedding venues to tour, dress shops, cakes and overall inspiration for the event by looking at photos from other weddings. It was hands down the best and most helpful bridal magazine I looked at.

The couple hosted their ceremony and reception at Millennium Center. They didn’t have a specific theme, but wanted modern and classic décor that would hold up to the test of time. With their style being more classic traditional, they incorporated the colors of navy blue and gray with gold accents and touches of blush pink and white in the floral arrangements.

One of the most unique elements of our wedding day was that my father-in-law was our officiant. It was such a special and personal touch for Alex’s dad to marry his only son to his new bride.
One thing I would change about our day…I FORGOT TO WEAR MY VEIL!!! Our wedding day was as close to perfect as one could expect, but of all the little things to forget, I walked down the aisle without my cathedral veil on! I realized on the alter, but there was nothing I could do at that point. I put it on after the ceremony for a few pictures, but that’s the only thing I would change if I could do it again - not forget!
Our wedding day was the most incredible day of my life! Everyone tells you this, but you can’t fully understand until you have been through it. There is nothing more magical than marrying your best friend surrounded by every person you love and cherish. Feeling all the love and support around us was the cherry on top to marrying the man of my dreams! We were having such a good time dancing and partying with all our friends and family we didn’t want the night to end!


PHOTOGRAPHY Russell-Killen Photography

GOWN/ALTERATIONS Divas Boutique and Bridal





CAKE Easy Peasy Decadent Desserts

CATERING Local 27101

FLOWERS Millennium Center & Sedgefield Florist

OFFICIANT Paul Kendall

HAIR/MAKEUP The Makeup Culture




FAVORS Beau-Coup

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Sophia & Ben

Sophia and Ben were set up by mutual friends. Sophia's best friend from college, Laura, ended up transferring to University of Vermont where she met Ben's best friend, Dan. Laura and Dan ended up setting them up long distance!

It was pretty much love at first sight. Ben drove up two hours from Connecticut to take me out on our first date. We walked around a pond, had our first kiss, and sparks flew. A few days later I returned to Union College (NY) for my Sophomore year and Ben (who had already graduated) drove up almost every weekend after that. We were long distance for three and a half years before finally moving in together. We’ve been together for seven years!

While trekking up Mt. Mansfield to show Sophia where Ben's dad's ashes were spread, Ben had something special tucked away in his gym shorts. Not knowing when, or where, or how he'd pop the question, they reached the summit to a beautiful view and twenty or so other people. Not able to get the courage to propose with an audience, they started their descent; passing dogs and other couples along the way. On the way down, Sophia found a spot that would make the perfect picture. Hopping up on the big rock, Sophia urged Ben to join her, which he did. He quickly pulled her close and kissed her on the forehead. “Will you marry me?” Sophia said as she often joked. Getting down on one knee, Ben then replied, “Will you marry me?”

Sophia and Ben held their romantic and rustic themed wedding at Summerfield Farms, incorporating dusty blue, rose and ivory accents, and lots of greenery and succulents.

The day itself was a bit overcast, chilly, and even rained a bit. Definitely not the weather we were planning for in May, but it still ended up being the perfect day! The girls and I stayed over in the Bungalow at Summerfield Farms the night before and had a relaxing morning hanging out and getting our hair and makeup done!

Some of the most unique elements of our wedding day were watching the Father of the Bride dance to Gangham Style (it was hilarious), and the Groom receiving his dream guitar - a custom Paul Reid Smith (PRS) - from his Bride!
If I could change anything about the day, I probably would have gotten a cake instead of doing s’mores by the fire pit. You never really know what the weather will be like (even in May!) and for us, it ended up being a bit too chilly for s’mores.


PHOTOGRAPHY Danielle Flake Photography




INVITATIONS thepaintgrind (the bride)

CAKE In lieu of a cake, we chose to do s'mores by the fire pit

CATERING Fresh.Local.Good. food group

FLOWERS FLORA Wedding + Event Flowers

OFFICIANT All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad

HAIR/MAKEUP Updo's Studio

WEDDING PLANNER Thepaintgrind (aka the Bride)



RENTALS Carolina Event Rentals


FAVORS Koozies designed by thepaintgrind (the bride)



FLORAL PRESERVATION Instead of preserving the flowers professionally, I rooted the succulents!



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Hannah & Jonathan

Hannah and Jonathan met in the tenth grade, when he moved back to Greensboro and started going to her high school. They became close friends and actually dated each other’s best friends throughout high school. Those relationships ended and Hannah and Jonathan remained close through college. It wasn’t until their senior year of college that Jonathan decided he wanted to be more than friends and finally asked Hannah out on a date.

Our engagement was perfect. It was supposed to just be a date night. Jonathan picked me up at the door, hot cider in hand. (Way better than flowers in my book!) We began to head to ‘dinner’ or so I thought. Next thing I know, we are veering off into his old neighborhood, the one where my favorite park is over by Hamilton Lakes. We pull into the gravel lot next to the park and he starts to get out. No explanation. I follow right behind him. It’s dark and freezing so I’m wondering why in the world we are making this detour. Then I see it, hundreds of candles lighting the pathway down by the lake, where he has built a teepee…the kind you see on Pinterest. With candle lights strung up the poles, and blankets with lanterns inside. Up in the tree, there is a huge sheet also draped with Christmas lights that is being used as a screen for the slideshow he has projected onto it. We climb into the teepee and watch the slideshow of pictures of the two of us from our tenth-grade beach trip together as just friends, all the way up to our sweet date night pictures. After the slideshow he begins to read to me out of a devotional he had with him. He read me a passage on marriage and what it should look like. Then, from behind the tent came his big pup, Murphy, with a sign around his neck that says, “Will you marry my brother?” Jonathan got down on one knee, told me he loved me, and asked me to be his bride.
TriadWeddings Magazine has especially been an inspiration to me throughout the whole process of planning a wedding. I am a designer, so I love looking through magazines that inspire or spark creativity. TriadWeddings did just that for me throughout this season. My bouquet was actually inspired by one of the bride’s bouquets that I saw on the cover of one of the recent issues. My mom and I also attended the Marry Me event, and it was of huge help to us. We loved getting to visit each vendors’ booths, taste samples, look into honeymoon options, dresses, cakes, and more.

Hannah and Jonathan had their ceremony at First Friends Meeting Church, with their reception following at The Public. They didn’t have a set theme, but knew they wanted an intimate, traditional feel incorporating neutral colors of blush, gray and blue.

I had seven bridesmaids, and a sweet flower girl, who is Jonathan’s cousin. She is 22, she has Down’s Syndrome and was the absolute sweetest flower girl there has ever been! My bridesmaids were my sisters, friends from college and high school, and friends from post college. Jonathan had 11 groomsmen! He couldn’t choose, so he didn’t! We didn’t really care that our numbers weren’t perfectly matched up. It was about who has walked alongside us through our lives and that’s who we wanted there.
One of the worship songs we did was probably one of the most unique parts of our wedding. It was called ‘But for you who fear my name’. We asked some friends of ours, Bennett and Hannah Dixon, to play it. Bennett was on the banjo, Hannah played the guitar, and they both sang. Another groomsman played a little Djembe drum. At the very end of the song, they all started whistling to the tune of the hymn. It was the most unique and beautiful worship song, with the backdrop of this simple, elegant church with light pouring through the windows. It was magical.
We can’t say enough good things about Lee Comer and her team at The Public. Being the first wedding reception in that space, we were not quite sure what to expect, but they absolutely exceeded our expectations. We spent time walking through the floor plan and table placements to ensure that the traffic flow with 250 guests would not get too crowded during the reception. And their event coordinator put together a great floor plan, mapping out every detail, even adding in a second bar area to accommodate our large number of guests.
Our wedding day was wonderful. We wanted Christ as the center, we wanted to be surrounded by friends and family. We wanted delicious food, and we wanted everyone to dance. And, I think we did just that. It was a gorgeous day, a little chilly. But, the light pouring in the church was surreal. We felt so loved by friends and family.

CEREMONY First Friends Meeting Church



GOWN Divas Boutique and Bridal

BRIDEMAIDS’ DRESSES assortment, BHLDN, Nordstroms, etc.

GROOM’S FORMALWEAR Custom suit design by Lewis & Harris


INVITATIONS Bride and Groom's design

CAKE The Baker and the Bean

CATERING Fresh.Local.Good. food group

PARTY RENTALS Carolina Event Rentals

FLOWERS Everything except for the centerpieces and bridesmaids’ bouquets were from Jordan House. Everything else was done by Noel Morris 

OFFICIANT Alan Hawkins

HAIR Dawn from Blueprint The Salon

MAKEUP Hilary from Blueprint The Salon


WEDDING PLANNER Mother of the Bride


MUSIC DJ Greg Camacho



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Cameron & Andrew

Andrew and Cameron met while working at a restaurant in college, December 2010. Cameron was dating someone else at the time, but that didn’t keep Andrew from pursuing a relationship with her.

Andrew always made a point every time he came into work to come to the host stand and say hello and tell me that I was pretty (probably to get better tables). He would hang out with me while rolling silverware and always offer a helping hand. He quickly became one of my best friends, someone that I looked forward to seeing every shift, someone that I trusted and would look to for advice, whether that be in my current love life, school, or family.
Fast forward two and a half years later at Andrew’s birthday celebration, after spilling a beer on me, and a night out with friends, Andrew had a little bit of liquid encouragement. That’s when he said the ‘L’ word. He said, ‘Cameron, I love you’, I responded, ‘Oh yeah?’, he then said, ‘Yep!’, I said, ‘Well, I love you too’.

Andrew proposed while on their summer vacation to Chicago to see a Cubs series at Wrigley Field with his best man, Steve. Cameron’s best friend, Katie, lived in Chicago at the time and also met up with them. While posing for pictures in front of the Ron Santo statue, Andrew asked Cameron to marry him.

I was so shocked, I was laughing and shaking and couldn’t believe what just happened. Our best friends were there, capturing it all on camera. Except for Alex, Katie’s husband, he didn’t turn on the video function. Once Andrew stood up he embraced me in a hug and said, ‘Are you sure!?’ and I replied ‘Yes!!’. I hugged our friends and couldn’t believe that they all knew about it. Then, I said can we go sit down, I need a beer and to call my Daddy!

Simple elegance was the theme for Cameron and Andrew’s wedding and reception held at the beautiful Revolution Mill Events Center. They knew they wanted a sit-down dinner, catered by Pepper Moon Catering, yet also wanted their guests to have a good time and party with them. They had an open floor plan with the dance floor in the middle of the dinner tables, along with a photo booth to keep their guests moving around all night.

Our colors were navy with gold, blush, and burgundy accents. Navy is my favorite color and for the time of year, I didn’t want to go too bright or dark on my accent color because the weather is so up in the air in March. Revolution Mill is so beautiful in itself that I didn’t want a whole lot distracting from the brick, hardwoods, and natural lighting.
I remember when it was time to walk down the aisle, my dad and I made a grand entrance through the courtyard gates, the sun was shining and all I could focus on was my groom, until my veil and train got tangled in the bushes when a gust of wind came as my dad was fluffing my dress! I think our guests may have gotten a little nervous because we stood there for what felt like forever before we started down the aisle.
Once we made it down the aisle, all I could do was smile! Andrew was so handsome! I was so excited to be standing with my best friend, I couldn’t wait to tell him about my day and ask him about his. We wrote our own vows and I was so nervous that I wouldn’t make it through mine after hearing his. But, one of the reasons I love him so much is because he never fails to make me laugh. When it came time for the big kiss, he said we were going to make it count and dipped me!
One of the most unique elements from our wedding would be the Love Story presentation that Larry and his team at A&A Disc Jockey Service put together for us. It really engaged our guests and allowed them in on our relationship that they would not otherwise have known about. We still have our friends and family telling us how cool that part of our wedding was!
Our wedding day was magical! It was the most relaxing day and I truly felt like Cinderella!

CEREMONY/RECEPTION Revolution Mill Events Center

PHOTOGRAPHY Jon Eric Johnson Photography

GOWN Bridal Mart



INVITATIONS/FAVORS Mackenzie Ross Studios

CAKE Paige Zucchino

CATERING Pepper Moon Catering

FLOWERS Botanica Flowers & Gifts

OFFICIANT Reverend Gerald Donnelly



PARTY RENTALS Southern Event Rental


HONEYMOON/TRAVEL Dream Catcher Travel - Lindsey Mabe


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Olivia & Carlton

Olivia played basketball with her school and with the church. Carlton [CJ] and his family were attending Ebenezer Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greenville, NC. Ebenezer SDA Church congregation were traveling to Kinston for church due to the flood and the rebuilding of their own church. Pastor Robert Green was the pastor over both churches at the time, and to keep the young people’s attention, he created a basketball team with the Kinston and Greenville congregation. CJ was on the Junior Varsity Men’s basketball team and Olivia played with the Women's Basketball team through the church. Olivia and CJ knew of each other, but it never crossed their minds of dating due to the fact Olivia's parents were very strict about no dating until she was a specific age.

Time passed by and the basketball team and youth activities dwindled down - and everyone grew up and went their separate ways. Well, social networks brought Olivia and CJ back in contact with each other and it was history from there. They quickly fell in love!

Olivia thought she was going to get proposed to around July or August because she picked her ring out in June. CJ definitely surprised her a week before her birthday. The couple always get dressed very nice and goes on weekly dates to their favorite Japanese restaurant, so it did not dawn on her at all what was about to take place. CJ had already talked with the managers and planned everything. The chef normally makes smiley faces and hearts with the rice. As the chef proceeded, CJ proceeded to get on one knee and ask the love of his life, "Will you marry me?" Of course, she said yes and was very surprised he was able to pull it off without her knowing anything about it.

Our wedding theme was ‘The Gibbs Happily Ever After.’ I picked this theme because I have always been ‘Princess Olivia’ or ‘Princess Liv’ to everyone that knew me. My father had given me that name as a little girl. When I began to research venues near Greensboro, NC I found Castle McCulloch. It went hand in hand with me being the Princess that I am. So, a Prince met a Beautiful Princess and they lived Happily Ever After!
Our wedding colors were champagne, gold, ivory, and royal blue - with a pop of deep purple. CJ’s only desire of the entire wedding was to have gold as one of the colors. So, I thought of a contrasting color which would be royal blue. My wedding planner, Nishaka, came up with the idea to pop in some purple to make it look even more awesome!
The most unique element of my wedding day was my bouquet of orchids, my large white loveseat at the reception and my gold crown. They really made me feel like the Queen I became!
TriadWedding Magazine helped me tremendously during our planning process! I was stressed out and was pushing for time (in my mind) and needed to find the right wedding planner to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and one that could help put the pieces of the puzzle together! Well, I found Events by Nishaka through TriadWedding Magazine and she is nothing short of amazing! She is everything and more! The reviews helped me out a lot and I was able to connect with her. She was very quick with responding, unlike many others I reached out to. I needed a planner that was going to be attentive to my needs and she met my needs every time.

There is nothing we would change about our wedding day! Everything we wanted, we had! Our wedding day was amazing, and the wedding of our dreams!

CEREMONY Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church

RECEPTION Castle McCulloch

PHOTOGRAPHY In His Image Photography

GOWN Bridals by Lori




CAKE Edible Artistry

CATERING Rozetta's Catering

FLOWERS Blossom Artistry

OFFICIANT Pastor Robert Green Jr. 

HAIR Kristy Bright

MAKEUP Faces by CB



PARTY RENTALS Southern Event Rental


TRANSPORTATION Holloway's Auto & Body Shop


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